The threat of rising water and the potential for flooding in many Louisiana communities is being diminished across many of our state's parishes thanks to the  men and women of the Louisiana National Guard. More than 300 of these citizen soldiers have been mobilized in five different parishes across our state to help in the construction of protective levees against rising water.

Lt. Rebekah Malone told the Louisiana Radio Network that protective levees are being built in Krotz Springs in St. Landry Parish and at Avoca Island in St. Mary Parish.  Lt. Malone says more than 120 guardsmen are in St. Mary Parish.

They have to install a 12,000 linear foot Hesco wall.  There's a couple of different sites.  But that wall is going to protect up to five parishes from the water that's approaching.

The flooding that took place in 2011 was a great teacher. The National Guard is using the lessons learned in controlling those flood waters to do the same with the current high water situation.

They are working 24-hours down there and it is challenging.  It's muddy, it's wet, it's cold.  But they're working hard and really trying to make sure they get that Hesco wall installed.

The protective walls and temporary levees are also being monitored for seepage and leaking 24 hours a day. If all goes well this current high water situation will start to improve over the next two to three weeks a water levels are expected to begin receding by that time.