Residents in New York get locked out of their apartments about three million times a year. A lot in the middle of the night so you can imagine how much the locksmiths make to open or change locks. Well, 28 year old Greg Marsh has started a company called KeyMe and has a solution that's easy and affordable.

KeyMe's five self-service kiosks, located in 7-Eleven stores around Manhattan, provide users with round the clock access to their keys. You can create an on-the-spot duplicate key in under a minute or store a digital copy of your key that can be accessed when you're locked out. Fingerprint authentication and additional security measures are employed for safety and never provide an address or location information. Creating a key from a digital copy costs about $20.00 and just duplicating your key is $3.50. They are just in New York now but who knows if this starts spreading and becomes a big hit.