Some people go their whole lives without getting the answers they really need.  And that's just sad.  But that's all in the past -- now you can finally get all the questions of your life answered in one convenient place!  Thanks to the Gator 99.5 Breakfast Bunch's Dale Mann, you'll never be more than a click away from wisdom, contentment and fulfillment.

Wait ... did I say "wisdom, contentment and fulfillment?"  I meant "BS."  Large, large piles of BS.

All you have to do is submit your questions to Dale.  It's free, and we'll keep you anonymous, if you like.  (Unless you tell us to do otherwise, we'll just use your first name and last initial -- "Today's question submitted by Johnny S. of DeRidder," for instance.)

Then, just sit back and check the site each morning to see if your question was one of the lucky ones Dale chose to answer.  Really, feel free to ask him ANYTHING.  Having trouble in your love life -- well, relationship questions are great!  Math problems -- go for it!  You'd be surprised, but the guy also knows a lot about mulch!

No question is too hard for Dale!  (LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  That's not true.  Some questions are very difficult and may result in a look of confusion, pain or even mental anguish.)

Now, let's also be realistic.  If you ask a naughty question or use profanity, we're pretty much going to ignore you.  Have fun, but realize this is still a family show, buddy.  (Plus, every time you use a curse word, a puppy explodes somewhere, don't you know?  Save a puppy and say "darn," why don't you?)

Look for the first installment on Tuesday morning!