The New Orleans Saints finish the 2015 season (7-9) with a 20-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Now... was that the last time we see Sean Peyton on the Saints sidelines? How about Drew Brees under center?

I expected at shootout inside the Georgia Dome between the Saints and the Falcons today. Now that the Saints season is offically over, will 2016 be a rebuilding year for the Black and Gold?

As good as Archie Manning and Bobby Hebert was in the day, they both pale in comparison to what Drew Brees has done in a New Orleans Saints uniform. Same could be said about the coaches from the Saints over the years. Remember the days of "Bum" Phillips? Jim Mora? Jim Haslett?

Yet, it was Sean Peyton who coached the Saints to a Super Bowl win.

Do you bring Sean back and look for a Defensive Coordinator? Then what to do with QB Drew Brees?

I personally would love to see Peyton and Brees back next season but that D needs TONS of work. Guess we will see in the upcoming weeks.