Do you think you have what it takes to be Miss USA?

The Miss Universe Organization has started a new social media campaign to chose a wild card contestant that will join the other 51 contestants. The search for "Miss 52" will take place on Twitter and Instagram, where hopefuls can be considered by posting three photos and videos using #FindingMiss52. The posts should be creative, show the contestants personality and explain why they would be a good candidate.

Voting on the 10 #FindingMiss52 finalists will begin on May 10th on Twitter and on the Miss USA website.

I'm thinking this might be the perfect time to live out my secret pageant dreams. If you ask I'll never admit that I wanted to do pageants when I was younger, but I definitely did. A lot of my friends were in pageants and it was so flipping glamorous and cool, I was always a little jealous.

Maybe now is my time! Maybe #FindingMiss52 was a sign! Someone grab me some hairspray and and start quizzing me on current events, I need to prepare for Miss USA 2016.