In 1974, he led the Oakland Raiders to a win on professional football's grandest stage. Later in his career he would suit up as a Houston Oiler then a Saint for New Orleans. Kenny Stabler lost his battle to colon cancer. He was 69.

The NFL's Most Valuable Player in 1974 put up a quite the highlight reel in the 70s. Did you know that "The Snake" was the quickest to win 100 games as a starting quarterback, having done so in 150 games? Only the likes of Bradshaw, Montana, and Tom Brady eclipsed the mark. Enjoy the memories.

Ken joined the Saints in 1982. By the time he had joined the New Orleans franchise he was 37 years old and his prime had slowly slipped away. His stint with the Saints and the Houston Oilers prior were short stints. Stints that didn't tarnish a great career for Stabler.

Thanks for the memories, Snake.