I did some late night shopping one night and my plan was to get home, unload the groceries, put the cold stuff up, then go to bed. Easy huh? Well...

I get up the next morning and for a solid two hours I almost ripped my place apart after the my aggravating search for those &*^% truck keys of mine! Long story short, the keys were in the fridge. Yup! In the same plastic bag with eggs and a half gallon of milk I had purchased the night before.

Where's the weirdest place you ever spaced and forgot your car keys?

Monica... A baby stroller that we put up in the attic because we didn't need it any more. Found them 2 yrs later.

Lucille...I left mine in a shoebox at Super Walmart, and didn't realize it until I had checked out and was trying to leave. Thank God for helping me that day.

Kristie... Well I didn't forget them, but I had my keys in my sweater pocket and they fell out and into the toilet at Walmart and it automatically flushed before I could do anything!

Crystal... Hubby took mine in holly beach at 2am for a night swim.... only set I had so that car stayed parked for a good while.