WTH Seth MacFarlane???? You killed Brian!!!

Seth MacFarlane, I would have gladly switched dogs with you! Come on dude! Ya friggin kill Brian Griffin? What gives man? I watched last night's episode waiting.... just waiting for the show to be some kind of dream..... but Nooooooooooooo. (Sniff Sniff)

(Deep Sigh)

Move over "Who Shot JR"! Family Guy Season 12, Episode 6 "Life of Brian" is definitely a game changer for the animated FOX show. Yes, there were rumors of a "main character" gettin the killed off... but let's be honest... It's should have been MEG!!!

So... Brian died after being run over by a car. Stewie was obviously devastated by what seemed unimaginable and with his time machine broken, the Griffin family could not go back and change the course of events that lead to the death of Brian, a character voiced by creator Seth MacFarlane. Now.... Brian replaced by a "pooch with attitude" named Vinnie? Family Guy Nation will just have to wait and see how THIS turns out....