"You are so...dirty!!!"

When was the last time someone told you those 4 magic words? Well, somebody rolled over to the Big Easy this morning and whispered that into it's ear...

Readers of Travel and Leisure Magazine, a publication that makes you feel all special about places that you can only dream of going to,  ranked New Orleans as "dirtiest" in the publication's annual America’s Favorite Cities survey.

But in a strange twist of fate, in the very same survey, the same readers voted New Orleans as the "#1 travel destination for nightlife" and "#1 people-watching city." Are the Hand Grenades just that good that you would praise and then critisize the same place??


The "Top 10 Dirtiest Cities," according to the survey:

1. New Orleans

2. Philadelphia

3. Los Angeles

4. Memphis

5. New York City

6. Baltimore

7. Las Vegas

8. Miami

9. Atlanta

10. Houston

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