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Last night was absolutely Krazy! Chris Young, Reba, George Flippin Strait, LSU, Crazed Country music fans young and old, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Great Weather... Oh My Gosh... what a night!


My wife and I had parked a mile from Tiger Stadium because we had found a reasonably priced parking lot to ditch the wheels... so Jules and I are walking amongst Superfest fans when all of a sudden a police entourage is leading a black Suburbon down the road. Governor? President? Ummmm George Strait???



(Deep sigh) Willie Robertson and his gang.

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(Must be nice)


Aw Naw, Chris Young is the Hooooouuuse! Mr. Young has quite the potential of being something really special in the Country Music world.

On to Reba..

She put on one heck of a show herself! My favorite Reba highlight was Tiger stadium absolutely losing there minds over Fancy.

Then there was this young man...

LOL... What didn't George Strait sing??

Ok... I Cross My Heart... Baby Blue... Adalida... I think that's it.

The King put on a phenomenal show.