Hey Gator Fans, something about this just makes me mad!! Did you hear this story yet? People like this are stains on the clean shirts of humanity!  Does anyone recognize these fugitives? Well, turn them in, right now, no waiting!! Lets go John Walsh on these guys and get them UNDER the jailhouse, what do ya think?!?!

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office was called out to two separate incidents where a baseball bat was used in the beating of two juvenile boys and a man.

The investigation revealed on January 3, two boys, ages 15 and 17, were picked up by Tonya Boulay Rushing, 33, 2861 Dunne St., Sulphur, under the guise of having the boys babysit for her. She brought them to a secluded area in Edgerly where two men dressed in military camouflage and masks, who had been following them, forced them out of the car at gunpoint. Scott R. Melancon, 25, 1207 Ravia Rd., Lot 15, Sulphur; and John W. Billiot, 26, 2324 Royal Oak St., Apt. 4, Sulphur, then made the boys remove their clothes down to their boxers and had them get on their knees. Melancon hit the boys with a baseball bat while Billiot stomped them with his feet. They were threatened with the gun several times and Billiot fired a shot in the air to scare them. When the three adults left, they took the boys' clothes and cell phones. The boys were able to walk to a home in the area and call for help. They were treated at a local hospital and released.

via One arrested, two wanted for robbery and baseball bat beatings - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

What these 3 did is unforgivable! They basically ruined 2 young peoples lives by filling them with FEAR, the knowledge that there are people out there who will, in a moments notice, ruin your life and leave you for DEAD! So lets repay the favor and send them to lock-up, where they belong and they can find out about being left for dead and filled with fear, just what they deserve!