A friend of mine from Orange, Texas designed this really cool shirt and I would love to tell you about it!

I am inspired by the Duck Dynasty gang and want to someday grow out a long, long beard. So for I have made it to four months and both times chose to shave for a cause. I do not regret the past, not in the least.

Today I have two months of unshaven beard on my face and thanks to a Gator listener and friend... I have a new inspiration. My friend Melanie originally designed a shirt for her brother. It's a Beard Measurement shirt! Too cool!

After I found out about her brother's Christmas present, I reached out to her and told her that her creation was really awesome. I must have hit a good nerve because I recieved my very own Beard Measurement Shirt!

For more information on a Beard Measurement shirt, shoot me an email.

But as you can see, according to my new shirt, I am a month or two away from being... "Manly." LOL