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Autism Society Accepting Bead Donations
You made out like a bandit this Mardi Gras Season, didn't you? You did your best Mr. T impression and worked for 2 days to get the colored stains off of your neck. Now what do you do with your Little Mermaid collection of these plastic dangly things?
Singletary’s Final Recording to be Sold to Benefit Family
With the unexpected death of Daryl Singletary, Platinum Records Nashville owner Greg Hudvik has released the final recording of the late country music star with proceeds going towards the Singletary family. Not everyone is so happy or encouraging of this decision however.
Willie Nelson Announces New Album Release
Willie Nelson's birthday is coming up, and he has decided to help everyone celebrate his birthday with some new music! April 27, Nelson will release, what seems to be an annual tradition now, his new album called "Last Man Standing".

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