Summer heat is here and ABC just made it hotter!  They aired their two-part season premier of Bachelor in Paradise Sunday and Monday, and the women brought it.  Last summer, we experienced the drama, passion, and crazy-antics of hopefuls vying for love.

Remember Jillian Anderson, Ashley Salter, Jade Roper, and Carly Waddell from previous seasons of the Bachelor?  I do, and they were CRAZY. Well, they are back and ready to find love or cause trouble.  Already, Jade and Ashley I. (the virgin) are vying for the same guy; and Jillian wore a bikini to Marcus and Lacy's wedding.  And, for the love of birds, Ashely S. has 't changed.  Wait, you missed it?  Yep, the premier started with a shotgun wedding and last year's hopefuls tied the knot.  And it is just getting started.

Each week I will provide an update on each Bachelor in Paradise episode, share the good and nitty gritty of Paradise.  Looking for love, or looking for hook ups, these women are in it to win it.  This should be fun!