I wish I had really good advice on the matter but all four of my kiddos were different. Matter of fact, one of my kids prefered sleeping in his playpen rather his crib!

Parents: suggestions on getting your babies to sleep in their own beds at night?

Dana Comeaux This worked for my family so it's only a suggestion. First for about a week I allowed them to fall asleep in my bed. Once in a deep sleep I moved them to their bed. (if they woke up in the middle of the night just repeat) After about a week, I started to lay in their room with them until they fell asleep. It's tiring and you have to be persistent. This worked for us. Hope it helps, I love co-sleeping and our son still sleeps with us but this was how I weaned all of other children.

Courtney Williams I never let my kids sleep with me. They were premie twins. Til this day they have never even asked, & we've never had to fight the issue. It's all about perception.

Courtney Haley Hahaha let me know when that mystery is solved!

Heather McDaniel Courville I'm with Courtney. When the mystery is solved please inform me too. Lol

Ty Landry Put them in their beds at birth and they will soon think it's normal.