So I look at the weather and field conditions for the  game this Saturday in San Francisco and it looks great.

Two weeks down the road Green Bay's weather is not qite so balmy.

The weather for the game this Saturday will be sunny and 65. The San Francisco forecast is for a dry week with highs in the sixties and lows in the 40's. The field has not been played on for two weeks and has seen no rain this month. It should be great. Green Bay in two weeks is a total different story!

I was looking at the ten day forecast which only goes through next Friday. This Sunday the tempurature will never rise above freezing. This forecast has a prediction 0f nine days  of constant below freezing tempuratures! Ever tried to catch a frozen football while sliding and then beeing knocked down onto frozen ground that feels like cenment? I would imagine it is very difficult. I'm sure you have heard of the Ice Bowl.

What are your thoughts on this week and the possibility of having to play in frozen Green Bay.