Last week I posted a story about our visit to Piccadilly in the mall and was told by an employee that the restaurant was closing. now, thanks to a note from Marketing Manager Tyler Allen we find they are closing in the mall but they are relocating which is wonderful news for all of us Piccadilly lovers. Here is a statement from Lake Charles's regional manager Jay Chauvin.

“We are currently open and operating a restaurant in Lake Charles; however, the landlord did not renew our lease.  We are transitioning to a new building with a kitchen so that we can continue to operate our Piccadilly Food Service accounts.  It is our full intention to reopen a Piccadilly Restaurant at a new location within six months to continue to serve the Lake Charles community, a community that has been a loyal supporter of Piccadilly for many years.”

So there you have it straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak. We'll keep you posted on the latest developments. Thanks to the gang at Piccadilly for being so nice and serving great food.