If you've ever wondered what the Cajun version of the Slap Chop would be like, allow us to introduce the 'Pie-Yow, Comme Ça!'

Our friend Ashley Reese (creator of 'TundaMinous,' 'Couillon Quest,' etc.) decided to give his Cajun dub parody treatment to one of the most popular infomercials of all time. You may have seen the Slap Chop, but I can promise, you've never seen (or heard) it like this.

For those slacking on their local slang, 'Pie-Yow' is one of the most popular forms of Cajun onomatopoeia, describing a big punch or hit. 'Comme Ça' in French means "like that,"—so when you put them together it basically mean "Hit, Like That!"

UPDATE: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you order the 'Pie-Yow, Comme Ça' you can get the 'Passe Graton' absolutely FREE!

Warning: Viewers may randomly say 'Pie-Yow' every time they hit something for 48 hours or more after watching this video, LOL.

Props to these guys for using our local ways to give us a good laugh.


[via YouTube]