I am a huge fan of mustard, especially slathered on a freshly made corn dog.  For as long as I remember, I always choose mustard over mayonnaise.  I love adding mustard to ham sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, and even pretzels.  I have even tried mustard with ketchup when eating my favorite food..french fries. Hands down the best condiment out there.

When my hubby and I attended the Beauregard Watermelon Festival in May, I slathered mustard on my delicious deep-fried beer-battered bacon wrapped dog.  And, it was AWESOME!  Add an ice cold Coke Zero?  HEAVEN!  I remember getting a foot-long corn dog and fresh lemonade at the corn dogs standing Bridge City, Texas' Walmart, when I was a teenager.  I would cover the corn dog with so much mustard that my mouth would burn.  Good times.

August 1st was National Mustard Day and in honor of my LOVE of Mustard, I compiled responses below to my Facebook post: "What is your favorite food to pair mustard with?".  Some really good responses, but pickled pigs feet??  Really???

Keegan- "Mustard and pickled pigs feet"
Tiffany- "Fries!!"
Ava- "Pretzels!"
Ashlyn- "Rice and gravy"
Brooke- "Fried sausage"
Mindy- "I crave corndogs because I will use 5-6 packs of mustard on 1 corn dog"