Emily Petrozza is going viral after photos surfaced of the 21-year-old reacting to poison ivy getting in her eyes.

At first, Petrozza noticed a rash on her arm—then, she noticed red bumps on her eyes around bedtime the night before she woke up and couldn't even open her eyes at all.

I didn’t recognize myself. I could see a little bit but my eyes were so swollen that it hurt to keep them open.

Of course, Petrozza's 17-year-old sister and her friends had a little (NSFW) fun with the entire situation that has now gone viral.

Doctors tell Buzzfeed it is way more common to get poison ivy on your eyelid as opposed to IN your eye. Emily was an exception to that rule.

Of course the internet flipped out.

After seeing the doctor and taking her meds, Petrozza is feeling (and looking) better. To see what she looks like now, click here.

[via Buzzfeed]