I have been sneezing like crazy! It's a good and bad thing that the culprit is not the is not the dust in my house. It's a good thing because maybe my house is not dusty after all. It's a bad thing because I can not control pollen by dusting.The simple fact is an early spring means an early allergy season.

flickr/ jonathan.vail

The National Weather Service has issued a Pollen Alert for Lake Charles. The culprit is a  high pollen level from Pine trees. Aren't you relieved to know it's not the dust in your home? I noticed last weekend that the the buds on my Oak trees were beginning to open. I don't have any Pine trees,  but my neighbors have them. I have seen Pine pollen so bad that it blows from the trees like green clouds. You may notice it coating your car. it's just the beginning of the allergy season. I'm off to the store to stock up on Sudafed and tissues, For the next month or so you can call me "Rivers the Red Nosed Disc Jockey." The forecast for today is strong thunderstorms in the middle of the day. Maybe this will give as allergy sufferers a little break.