The excitement has settled and the reality has set in, you are having a baby!  The preggo glow, the cute maternity clothes, and then it hits you.  The baby needs a name.  There are hundreds of baby-name books, some as thick as 500 pages.  Not to mention the pressure of using family names, on your spouses' side to make sure you make them happy.  But, what if you don't like those names?  What if you want your baby to have a unique-rock-star-name that stands out?  Well, get ready for the backlash...specially if it is a food, or heaven forbid your DOG's name.

Which led me to ask on our Gator 99.5 Facebook page:  If you had to name your baby after your pregnancy craving?  What would it be?  Read below and have a good laugh, we have some crazy names floating in the bottom of a cereal bowl.  Thank goodness my name is "Erin".  See below what crazy names would be running around SWLA, there are quite a few doozies:

Britney Glaser Felder- "Gingerbread"

Rayden Fyre- "Tigersblood snowcone and tamales"

Heather McDaniel Courville- "Ash would have been plain Lays potato chips and pickles; David would have been everything HOT"

Penny Lambert- "Little Debbie"

Sheri Hogg- "My three boys, AKA:  Whopper, BK Fish, BK Original Chicken Sandwich"

Micha Lowry- "Hamburger and cheese sticks"

Tara Arsement- "Hong Kong and Twix"

Lara Babin Smith- "Cheeseburger"