It's no big secret that a lot of hit songs are based on a formula. And hey, if it works, more power to the songwriter, right? As long as the song is awesome, who cares how they got there?

This musician took six of the most popular songs from 2014, however, and showed just how formulaic they were.

It gets even more interesting when you see how many of the songs share songwriters.

  • "Sure Be Cool If You Did"- Rodney Clawson, Chris Thompkins, Jimmy Robbins
  • "Drunk on You"- Rodney Clawson, Chris Thompkins, Josh Kear
  • "Chillin' It"- Cole Swindell, Shane Minor
  • "Close Your Eyes"- Adam Craig, Trent Tomlinson, Shane Minor,
  • "This is How We Roll"- Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelly, Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan
  • "Ready, Set, Roll"- Chris DeStefano, Chase Rice, Rhett Akins

Now, to be fair, you can tell this mashup artist, Sir Mashalot, aka Gregory Todd, did a little speeding up on some of the songs to get them to fit -- but still, the chord progressions, the lyrics, the breakdowns -- they're pretty much interchangeable.

[h/t The AVClub, Digg]