With Wrestlemania looming, WWE fans have been trying to figure out the scheme of one Randy Orton. Well, after last night, it's pretty clear.

Months ago, Seth Rollins and the Authority put Orton on the injury list after a vicious attack on Monday Night RAW. Well, you know what they say about "paybacks". Enjoy!

So, will the WWE Universe get to see Orton vs Rollins at Wrestlemania on March 29?

Will Triple H make life difficult for the Viper?

I personally have been waiting for a matchup between the self proclaim "future" of WWE and one of the most dangerous competitors in the squared circle of professional wrestling. The last time Rollins faced Orton, Seth cleanly pinned Randy in the middle of the ring on Monday Night RAW. A rematch would take place on the grandest stage of the them all. I would be talking about Wrestlemania on March 29.

The Road to Wrestlemania is starting to sizzle!