Fishing stories seem to get taller as they are retold. I have found a web site dedicated to Southwest Louisiana fishing stories just in time to add yours from the upcoming season.


I was fishing near Hog Island Gulley one years and spotted some birds hitting the water. I knew what that meant so I headed that way. I instantly started catching large trout and lots of them. I hooked a really big trout and here is my story (I am sticking to it). I was fishing alone and that makes landing a very large trout tricky. The mouth of a trout is very tender and it is easy to catch some lips (minus the rest of the fish). You must use a net to get a large trout in the boat due to this problem. It's difficult to hold the rod tip up and get a large trout in the net at the same time. I lost the trout as I was trying to net it and immediately started cussing the person who was supposed to be fishing with me that day. had he been there I might have caught a record trout. Read more fish stories and post yours here.