Reba McEntire is one busy woman! She has announced that she will be launching a cosmetics line. This comes on the heels of her latest single "Going Out Like That", her soon to be released 27th album on April 14th, and her upcoming residency in Las Vegas with Brooks & Dunn!

Since Reba is a redhead, this makes me very happy because she's been working with professionals for a very long time and will now be sharing some of her glamour goodies with the likes of me...another redhead! If you're not a true ginger, trust me when I say it can be difficult to color match us, but I digress!

The product is Reba Beauty, put together with the help of her longtime makeup artist, Brett Freedman. On April 7th, we will have access to the first product; a slim, shiny lipstick/gloss hybrid. (I may have just squealed like a pig because I could really care less about makeup, but I MUST HAVE my lip gloss and even better if it's a good color!)

McEntire will release products throughout the year on her website and through Amazon. I will let you know as products become as available. Oh my goodness, I'm soooo excited! I actually wrote Reba Beauty on my calendar just for the sheer fact that it's a lipstick/gloss! I sure hope this works!

Ethan Miller