If we're going to be honest about the passing of Mindy McCready this week at age 37, we have to admit one thing -- by the end of her life, she was far more famous for her tragedy than for her music.  Let's take a moment away from the media freak show and remember her for the reason we all started to like her -- her music.

It's not easy, admittedly.  Mindy hasn't had a hit in quite a few years.  In fact, trying to find videos for this post was actually difficult.  Go Google search Mindy McCready and look through the videos that come up -- they're all about the horrible things that have happened to her in recent months and years.  Finding her music videos is actually kind of difficult this morning.  And that's an incredible shame for someone so talented.

Here's to hoping that her soul finds the peace it never had in life.  Here's some of our favorite Mindy McCready moments.  We hope they're yours, too.

10,000 Angels

Guys Do It All The Time

Oh Romeo

Maybe He'll Notice Her Now

The Other Side of This Kiss