The weather was overcast and cold this weekend, but nothing could keep me from wanting to spend Saturday At Niblett’s Bluff Park in the beautiful town of Vinton for the Niblett’s Bluff Park Spring Fest!!

Gator 99.5 was invited to partake in the Niblett’s Bluff Park Spring Fest this weekend and we jumped at the chance to see all the wonderful people of Vinton! The park was gourgeous, the weather was a little cloudy but all the people were friendly! Awesome music from Jivin Gene and LA Express kept everyone dancing and T.K. Hulin made us dance away! And  I walked to the other side of the park and got to spend hours walking around and seeing art made by the largest group of this side of the Mississippi! Take a look at the pictures I took, and then make plans to make Niblett’s Bluff a destination for your future weekends! Thanks again to the wonderful staff and people of Niblett’s Bluff Park, and I look forward to next years Niblett’s Bluff Park Spring Fest!!!