Jeremy Ball is the biggest Rodney Atkins fan. His family drove all the way from Little Rock to see the Rodney Atkins concert last night at the Rosa Hart Theatre. They were not disappointed!




You might remember Jeremy if you were at the concert last night. He was the one belting out "He's Mine" with Rodney Atkins. He's becoming a regular with Rodney. He got on stage with Rodney in Magic Springs to perform the same song with Rodney. His family drove down from Little Rock having no idea Jeremy was gonna get to meet Rodney Atkins.  Gator 99.5's Tracy Garrison spotted Jeremy coming in and ask him if he would like to meet Rodney Atkins. The roof almost came off the Rosa Hart when Jeremy saw Rodney backstage. It was a very magic and emotional night for Jeremy, Rodney, The Gator 99.5 family and everyone who was at the concert. No one will forget