Rodney Carrington is performing live at the Rosa Hart Theater in Lake Charles on October 10th.  Better known for his comedic genius about all things funny, Carrington shares most, if not all, aspects of his life while he entertains you with song and dance.

Little known fact, Carrington attended a divorce class in 2012.  Yep, he took a class mandated by the State of Oklahoma that geared information towards newly-single individuals; outlining what might happen after the big 'D'.  Reflecting on the much needed but really weird class, Carrington shared “They wanted you to understand just how wonderful your life was about to become. like they were saying ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back!’”

Carrington went on to say “Everybody felt like Mandela in there: ‘Oh my God, we’re free!’ And then they tell you that over the next 12 months, many things are going to change. You’re going to meet up with people you never knew before, drink too much. You’re going to act a little crazy because you don’t know how to be. And then you’re going to gain a lot of weight and then you’re going to start pulling back. ‘Wait a minute, I’ve been acting like a (expletive) teenager for about 12 months and I should probably act my age.’ as he reflects on his life post divorce.  Which, he realized he might need to stop wearing his "fat" pants and get back to living right.

I have a feeling October 10th is going to be a belly-holding-stitch-in-the-side kind of night.  We all need a little laughter in SWLA.  Get your Carrington tickets now at Ticketmaster or LISTEN to Gator 99.5 to win.