Yesterday I had my quarterly oncology check-up and there is always a wait in the waiting room.  I was minding my own business, reading my new library book, in the last open chair.  The waiting room was packed (as is normal on a Monday appointment), at least 30 patients or so.  About an hour into the wait, an older woman decided to FaceTime her granddaughter, or so I think it was her granddaughter.

The woman who answered the phone laughed when she answered (like she hadn't seen the woman in a while) and you could hear the woman's baby playing with what I can only guess was a gallon of marbles (ear shattering sound).  It wouldn't have been so bad if she would have lowered the volume on her iPhone.  Then the baby started squealing/screeching and after the third squeal/screech, I turned to her and politely asked her to take the call outside.  She gave me a look like I was the idiot.

Isn't there phone etiquette in public places, like a waiting room?  I looked around and I didn't see a "no cell phone use" sign, but I thought it was common knowledge regarding rude behavior.  I asked YOU what is annoying in a medical office waiting room on our Facebook page:

Tiffany- people taking calls while you are waiting for the doctor.  

Leslie- the long wait! 

Kris- all of the above!  Taking calls, screaming kids, rude people

John- all the coughing and sniffling, without washing their hands!

Lacy- someone sitting right next to you when there are empty chairs! 

Crystal- the kids; I am not talking about other kids, but my own!