I know a lot of Who Dats were physically ill and emotionally spent yesterday. How do you give up that lead and lose that game? My brother from Georgia texted me with a "Lose to KC...OMG". My only response was "the commissioner's plan is working."

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No one wants to talk about the "Bounty Scandal." They don't need too. Just look at the Saints play this year. This is a case of no one playing very well. We have superstars on our offensive and defensive lines. They are certainly not playing like superstars! Drew can't throw the ball when he is running for his life. We can't have a running game without some holes being opened. We can't stop the run or put pressure on the quarterback with our defensive line. The problem is not ability. The problem is mental. That is where coaching comes in. Saints fans are starting to realize just how much Sean Payton means to this team. The commissioner knew it when he handed down the year suspension. I have a question about the commissioner's intentions.

Was his purpose to punish the coaches and players involved in the scandal? I ask because the ones being hurt worse by this are the fans. The fans knew nothing of the scandal! The fans buy tickets, and jerseys, watch the games on TV and spend money that cycles it's way back to the NFL. The NFL pays the commissioner. The fans pay the commissioner. The fans are being hurt! The league could have taken away the players and coaches salaries and hurt them pretty bad; but not hurt the fans. Taking critical players and coaches off the field is punishing the fans too and is wrong. If the commissioner's's plan was to hurt the fans ...it's working!