I won't bore you with the details on my trip to see  my family in Georgia. Let's just say that it is a nice place to VISIT. The good stuff all happened in New Orleans yesterday.

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My wife and my son's girlfriend gave my son and I Saints/ Panthers tickets for Christmas. We met them in New Orleans yesterday morning and the girls went shopping while we caught a cab to the game. Taking a cab in New Orleans is always an experience. We get into the cab and immediately realize that our driver knows no fear. He also does not know much about traffic law, common courtesy or personal hygiene. I think he jumped three curbs, ran two red lights and cut in front of about 30 cars who were all very happy about his driving habits. I am convinced that I will be a cab driver when I retire from radio. We were more that happy to get out of that cab. He never started the meter and charged us a flat ten dollars ... so that was cool.

The game was interesting but not as interesting as the crowd. It's always an experience just getting to your seat. We were waiting to be scanned before entry and saw the cutest little girl just naturally assume the feet spread arms out position. It was like she had been doing it her whole life. The crowd got a good laugh about it then her mom told us it was her first time. We also walked by a little boy (about four) who yelled out "get your cold beer here." That also got a nice laugh from the crowd though I am not to sure his parents were happy. He does have a future though because he was very loud. Then there was a group with Roger Goodell hanging from a noose.

We finally got to our seats and were seated behind some Carolina fans. That was fine when we were up by eleven points. They changed seats and Carolina was suddenly up by ten. All the Saints fans in our area were trying to make them move back to their original seats. They were'nt buying it. We left the game when Carolina went up by three touchdowns with six minutes to play. I have to say that the crown was not very loud. It was a lot different than when I went to every game in the 2009 season.

The drive home was the hard part. I thought it would thin out at 310. That did not happen. It was stop and go most of the way to Baton Rouge. I have decided that I will only go to games if I am staying that night and don't have to fight that traffic. I still had a good time though.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and wish you the best in 2013!