Friday evening, my husband and I met some friends at Sam Houston Jones State Park.  We are members of the Krewe de la Maison de Calcasieu in Lake Charles, and the Krewe organized a weekend of fun and crawfish.  I had not visited the Park in quite a while, so I was impressed with the subtle changes being made to make it more enjoyable as a family destination.  We checked into the our luxurious rental cabin, and then met up with our friends at the RV park area.

First, I must say the cabins are really nice.  Two bedrooms, one outfitted with bunk beds, and a full size bed in the master bedroom.  A full size bathroom and kitchen, a living room with a flat screen TV (Direct TV to be exact) and a screened-in back porch.  Plus, central air and heat (one happy girl right here).  The creature comforts of home, in a beautiful woodsy setting. As we walked to the RV park area, my friend Maggie paid us a visit.

Maggie is the Park's resident doe, very sweet and loves to have her ears scratched.  She walks right up to you, flicking her tail.  With almost a small smile on her face.  She even poses for a selfie (see above) with me.  Sweet girl, protected since she resides in a State Park.  She loves pecans, not so much of peanuts or cashews.  She also loves pineapple, and watermelon and will follow you if she thinks you have more food.

If you haven't visit the Park in a while, take the kiddos and pets and visit.  Bring the bikes, fishing poles, and a picnic lunch.  Enjoy the best that SWLA has to offer.