The of the scariest movies I have seen; and, one of the most cheesiest from the camp classics of 1950's horror flicks.  The first Blob movie was set in 1958, starred a very young Steve McQueen (swoon), and included a human-eating alien amoeba from outer space.  In 1972, a sequel was made starring Larry Hagman, best known for his role as J.R. Ewing on Dallas.  The fun doesn't stop there, in 1988 another remake was completed, which leads us to 2015 and Samuel L. Jackson.

The Blob is coming back, we are not sure of the exact screen play, if they will continue the original Blob story or go a different direction.  What we do know is Samuel L. Jackson is starring, and we all know how that goes down.  A man, with a sailor's vocabulary, telling the Blob OFF.  Just watch Snakes On A Plane....them snakes did not have a chance with SLJ on board. He OWNED those snakes, which makes me think he might just win the blob fight and complete this crazy movie franchise once and for all.  And, end the madness!  This should be interesting, I am ready.