A piece of our life moved out this weekend. I'm talking about our Harley Davidson motorcycle that I ordered and bought back in 2000. So many great memories of trips on this bike come to mind.

But, for several reasons, we don't ride as much as we used to. A lot of our riding friends quit, there's grand babies in the picture now, etc, etc etc. Now back in 2007 we had the(2 wheel) bike converted to a (3 wheel )trike for Lori, my wife to ride. But this is not about us, it's about where the motorcycle is going. I put an ad on a motorcycle classified website the other day and after it had been up only a few days, I got a call from a gentleman in Wichita, Kansas. This man tells me he's interested in buying the trike for his dad. I thought, now this is really nice of a son to do something like this. As our conversation continued, I find out that his dad is 82 years old. He has a bike but it's getting to the point where it's harder to hold it up, but he doesn't want to quit riding. He told me when he showed his dad the picture and that he wanted to get it for him, he started to tear up a little. The more I listened the more I knew this is where this motorcycle needed to go.  He told me it would be about a week and a half before he could come and pick it up and ask if I would hold it til then. Well, I'd started to get several inquiries by now but I told him I would hold it. Friday the 13th David Cool, Dan Cool, and their 82 yr. old daddy Donald Cool left Wichita, Kansas to come to Lake Charles, La.(12 hours away) to pick up Mr. Donald's new ride. When they arrived, we had a nice visit, filled out the paper work, I showed him how everything operated, we  loaded the trike on the trailer and off it went to it's new home. Before they left Lori and I gave Mr. Cool the show trophy the trike won at a car and bike show in DeRidder to let everyone know he owns a "Show Winner". Tears came to his eyes and he couldn't talk, so he gave me a hug. Man, those old school bikers are heartless, believe that. He's been a biker since 1947 and he'll be riding a while longer now. David Cool, Dan Cool, and Mr. Donald Cool, from Wichita, Kansas, Happy Trails my friends.....Really Cool guys