Now that he’s your latest ‘American Idol,’ life is pretty hectic for Scotty McCreery, what with his duties on the ‘Idol’ tour and sessions for his first album.

Things are moving so fast, in fact, that Scotty won’t even have time to get any of his own material on his debut.

Talking to Yahoo! in a recent interview, McCreery said he probably won’t have any writing credits on “this particular album, but hopefully on the next couple albums. On this album, I have been so busy after the show I have not had time to sit down on the couch and relax. I’ve been writing, but it’s not quick enough to get them on the album.”

Of course, that’s the kind of thing that can happen when you’re grabbing time for recording sessions in between tour stops, but ‘Idol’ debuts are all about striking while the iron is hot — and with five songs already finished, McCreery is striking fast. Though he described the whirlwind as “a pressure cooker,” he made sure to add, “It’s fun work. This isn’t going to the office and sitting behind a desk. This is singing for a living.”

via Scotty McCreery Won’t Write Any Songs on Debut Album [VIDEO] - TSM Interactive.

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