Wrestlemania 31 is history and Seth Rollins made history at the expense of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.Yesterday, the WWE's biggest pay per view of the year took place in San Francisco and let me tell you, it was one memorable event!

This year instead of hosting a Wrestlemania viewing party at my house, a coworker and I decided to watch Wrestlemania 31 at the radio station. Why?

Big empty conference room.

Conference table big enough to hold several boxes of pizzas and two liters of Dr. Pepper.

A laptop hooked to a projector.

Come on, now! It's reeks Wrestlemania Party!!

As for as some of the highlights:

HHH defeated Sting in a classic battle of the Icons.

Daniel Bryan won the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

John Cena became the first WWE Superstar to pin Rusev, winning the United States Championship.

The Undertaker is now 22 - 1 after defeating Bray Wyatt.

Finally, here's how the WWE Championship was decided last night.


All in all, Wrestlemania 31 was one of the better pay per views for the WWE. Should make an interesting Monday Night RAW tonight on the USA Network.