An approaching cold front is expected to bring rain and a significant threat of severe weather to South Louisiana during the day on Tuesday. This frontal system that is currently situated over the western United States is expected to move at a rapid rate to the east. This frontal system is anchored by a strong low pressure system that will be trailing the front behind it.

The combination of strong upper level winds, a fast approaching frontal system, and abundance of Gulf moisture is expected to be the recipe for some very strong storms across the northern Gulf states during the day on Tuesday.

The Storm Prediction Center has suggested that the potential for severe weather for the cities of Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge is at least 30%. Forecasters believe a strong squall line will form ahead of the frontal system late in the day Monday and this squall line of heavy storms will stay together as the system moves through the area.

We suggest you stay close to this radio station for the latest weather developments as watches and warning will most likely have to be issued. Behind the front cooler and calmer conditions are expected. After a slight chance of residual rainfall on Wednesday morning the rest of the work week should be mostly sunny with seasonal temperatures.