I shared my feelings recently about this matter. My youngest son had been talking to me for a some time about a tattoo when he was a senior at Sulphur High School last year. My feeling was this... as long as you live in my house and attended high school then I request you wait til after graduation to pursue your tattoo dreams.

Gator Country?

Matthew... Forget about a teenager I taught a student that had a tattoo and he was 5 years old. Police said it was no different than a parent piecing their babies ears. Uh, huge difference!!!

Christy... I brought my daughter for her first tattoo when she was 17...a rosary in memory of her granny and pawpaw who had both passed away earlier that year...I think it depends on the situation and also the artwork being done...if it had NOT been a tribute tattoo I would not have allowed it.

Brandy... Yes I do, I don't want my kid in some back room somewhere getting a tattoo from just anybody! There going to do it anyway make they are safe doing it!!!

Courtney... I believe 18 is a good age because they are legally responsible for themselves therefore can make decision about their life. I was 23 before I got my first one. Plan on getting more.

Heather... To me it would depend on their maturity level and under 16 would be a no anyway for my child. They would have to show me it is something they are sure they could live with. i have nothing against tattoos i have 3 myself. I was 22 before i got my 1st but i believe if they are raised with the right standards by 16 they can make that decision.

Crystal... I have 0 tattoos but think some are beautiful...no for under 16...and 16-18 better be a convincing reason for wanting one and there should be some serious discussion prior I personally don't think I would allow my child under 18 to do it but I won't say I wouldn't ever.