Divorces can be the ugliest at times. She gets the house. He gets the 80 inch TV. Kids go here, child support goes there. But how about Bear the family labrador? Should dogs be treated like children with allocated visiting rights when it comes to divorce cases?

Gator Country?

Kandyse... People should just be decent and let the other have the pet for an equal amount of time. They should not get the courts involved. Our legal system is as flawed and clogged as they come as it is. We don't need people fighting for custody of pets.

Bridget... Honestly we say all the time our pets as family members, and more like our babies , they don't have a choice in the matter and when two ppl really love thier pet and don't want to give it up , what are you to do. Its just more lovings for the pet. If two ppl feel that they love thier pet enough to share after a divorce then so be it.

Cassi... Honestly, no. If that were to happen, it would open up a whole other debate on animals being people and it would turn into an even bigger thing.

Jeremy... Yes and the men should get the dogs cause the women get everything else. Lol