If the smoking age was changed 21 would there be an influx of underage smoking? Teens these days are smoking underage due to peer pressure and stress.

What are your thoughts about lowering the smoking age?

Rosanna... Just as soon as they raise the legal age to serve in the military. If you can fight for your country you should be able to smoke a cigarette and drink a beer in your country.

Jason... Sure as long as they raise the age to pay taxes and serve in the military

Courtney... Why? People will still find a way to get them.

April... It doesn't matter. Pot is illegal and kids still do it. Putting a higher age limit on stuff will just make kids want to do it more.

Brandy... I believe if my son or daughter is old enough to go out and fight for their country, they should be able to drink a beer or smoke a cigarette...

Coni... I'm a smoker, started "way back when", and in today's society the kids rule the house...so the legal age won't matter! I've tried to quit several times and secretly wish the factories would just stop producing them! If parents would go back to "old school" ways...maybe this would be a better society where we wouldn't have to concern ourselves with this kind of stuff! None of my children smoke...and they never have...they are all are over 25