How does the song go? If I were a rich man? Hey, if I was indeed... yeah, I think I would still make my precious angels earn their first car.

In my opinion, there is no feeling in the world like be a father and watching your teen conquer whatever challenge before them and earning whatever the prize is infront of them.

Here's some of the feedback from some of our Gator family.

Michelle... Put down half and make them earn the other half.

Shandell... Buy them a car so you don't have to take them.

Lindsey... Buy it but the insurance, gas, and maintenance should be their responsibility.

Terri...r I agree with Lindsey. Insurance and gas are their responsibility and I supply the car.

Charles... We are going 1/2 & 1/2 with our daughter on the cost, she pays her on gas.

Brooke... I told my son I will match what he saves.

Jessica... Giving a teenager something that costs that much is a poor lesson in financial responsibility. If they don't pay for it themselves how, they won't appreciate it. Make them earn it.

Alura... My son will buy his own car.