What's going on?

Toby Keith Announces 2018 Tour to Celebrate First Hit
The man that should have been a cowboy just announced his 2018 tour. The tour, named the Should Have Been a Cowboy Tour XXV, is in honor of the hit song that put him on the map and led him into the Songwriter's Hall of fame in 2015.
Stapleton Closes Out 43rd Season of Austin City Limits
This past weekend the majestic Chris Stapleton closed out the 43rd season of Austin City Limits. Mix in Stapleton live with the amazing recording that ACL produces on their show, and you've got yourself one heck of a live performance!
Autism Society Accepting Bead Donations
You made out like a bandit this Mardi Gras Season, didn't you? You did your best Mr. T impression and worked for 2 days to get the colored stains off of your neck. Now what do you do with your Little Mermaid collection of these plastic dangly things?
Singletary's Final Recording to be Sold to Benefit Family
With the unexpected death of Daryl Singletary, Platinum Records Nashville owner Greg Hudvik has released the final recording of the late country music star with proceeds going towards the Singletary family. Not everyone is so happy or encouraging of this decision however.
Willie Nelson Announces New Album Release
Willie Nelson's birthday is coming up, and he has decided to help everyone celebrate his birthday with some new music! April 27, Nelson will release, what seems to be an annual tradition now, his new album called "Last Man Standing".
CPSO DWI/Seatbelt Checkpoint This Saturday
These checkpoints have proven to be extremely effective in discouraging citizens from driving while impaired. Make sure you stay safe this weekend and buckle up, its the law!
Live at the Lakefront 2018 Lineup Announced
Get ready to enjoy some amazing live music from SWLA boys and girls. The Live at the Lakefront lineup as been announced. The result? It's going to be amazing, as always!
Your Snacks, Their Names
As a self-proclaimed snack expert, I was eating some Oreo's the other evening and realize I didn't know the story behind why they're even called Oreo's. That lead to some research followed by other wonderful snacks that I enjoy, mostly to excess, and decided to share the info tha…
Olympic Heavy "Medal"
The gold and silver medals this year are actually composed of mostly silver, 99.9% pure silver to be exact. Meaning 1st and 2nd place have a lot more in common than you'd think.
Thats my Bag, Baby!
Whether you bought 1 item or 100, you're going to get a plastic shopping bag. What else can you do with them?
Want to Watch the Olympics Sans Cable?
We all have that one friend that suddenly becomes an expert on curling and how the Canadian team got robbed last time. Now you can be an expert on how to watch as much coverage as possible without that pesky cable bill, assuming you have an antenna or at least internet access.
Finally, They Played it Live!
I fell on the floor when I saw Fallon had the duo on his show to perform their new little diddy live on the TV. Is it better than the album cut?
We Launched What Into Space?
Not only did they rocket their first Falcon Heavy rocket into space, they carried Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster with them.
Cows, Steers, Horses Oh My! Gator Night at the Rodeo
We asked the audience to make their best paper airplane, write their name on it, and during intermission, throw it into the back of the Hurricane Off-Road truck as it pulled the P&P Trailer Sales utility trailer and Loan Oak Smoker.