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I Saw The Wienermobile and it Was Like Christmas!
Let me explain something, I might be a 35 year old, but the kid in me is barely 10. I still laugh at the fart sounds the ketchup bottles make, the weird noise the door stopper makes (you know the one with the spring), and I get excited for the Wienermobile.
Kajun Klassic Team Roping May 25-27
It all goes down the last weekend in May. The Kajun Klassic Team Roping event is coming. Friday May 25 thru 27 at the West Cal Arena in Sulphur.
Cinco de Mayo Festivities around Lake Charles
On the eve of Cinco de Mayo, Facebook is all a flutter with things going on in the area. Being the nice guy that I am; I decided to do some leg work and grab a list of local Cinco de Mayo Celebrations.
Granger Smith, Happens to Like Cats?
I grew up listening to Weird Al Yankovich, the food album being my favorite. We mishear and re-write lyrics all of the time. Weird Al capitalized on it back in his hay day. Granger Smith has done the same, but with his own song!