Sometimes the record just doesn't matter. This time around, my daughter plays on a struggling recreational softball team. The girls have all the potential in the world to play at a level that their overall record shows but... it's not been a good season.

My little girl is one of few who bring talent and experience to the table. She is talented enough to play any position and she is one of the better batters on the team.

But with that said, it's Ellie's attitude that shines more than anything. It makes for proud parents.

Well, there was a game where nothing was going right. Fielding errors. Pouty attitudes from teammates. You name it. So the coach of the team decide to put my daughter on the mound. Have you, Ellie hadn't pitched a ball in TWO YEARS! And... to my surprise, along with her mom, and her teammates, and a few parents in the bleachers.... she retired the opponent with strikeouts. She would strike out our opponent in the next inning too! Then all of a sudden, our bats came alive!

We won the game!

Out of all the games I have coached or watched for the bleachers, that game will always rank high in my heart.