Embarrassing moment? Me? Oh... there was a time where I had taken my family out to eat after church. It had been raining that morning so by the time we arrived at the restaurant, the sidewalks were quite wet. You know where I am going with this, don't ya?

So we arrive to our destination, I warn the kids to NOT be in a hurry to get to the front door of the establishment. Any guesses on who wound up busting his behind on the wet pavement? Infront of the main window of Casa Manana?

When was the last time you got caught doing something embarrassing when you didn't expect anyone to be looking?

Katharine Lauren Last night... Straight up watching the DVR of Ms. America doing the most in lady-like thing possible, picking my nose, when my neighbor walks up and knocks on the window.

Shandell Lier Moss I farted one day in Walgreens. I didn't think anyone was around so I let it rip. There was a young lady around 12 that was directly behind me. If you could've seen her face as she passed me by.....priceless. I laughed till it hurt but I was embarrassed

JessNot Armstrong A Friend's mom caught me shaking my booty