Last night I had a date with Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez.  Of course, they were on the big screen and I was sitting at Cinemark, but that is besides the point.  My girlfriends and I saw Magic Mike XXL and let me tell you, it was H. O. T.  Ladies, bring a fan cuz you will be having a hot flash or two.

Three years ago, my hubby took me to see the first Magic Mike (yes, he did it for ME), and I thought it was good.  Last night, Magic Mike XXL was AWESOME.  I mean, the dancing, abs, music, and Channing wasn't that bad either.  All us ladies in the theater were hooting' and hollerin', carrying on like we had no business being normal.  I mean, my Mama would have been so proud of me.  I had to restrain myself from running to the screen and drooling all over Joe Managiello's abs.  I am THAT much of a stalker.

Do yourself a favor, ladies.  Go see the movie, go home and order a swing and have your hubby thank me later.  Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy, it gets really HOT.  If you are wondering "what kind of swing?", go see the movie and you will see.  Adults only club, NO KIDS ALLOWED.