Oh HECK NO! Get your little stank booties off my property!

It's bad enough that I have a pack of coyotes crying all night. The occasional wild pig marking his territory a mile down the street and nosey cows. But now you little rascals show up? Oh, I don't think so! I'm not really sure what to do about these skunks that appeared on my property.

Gator Country thoughts?

Kandace Fuslier... All you have to do is get their stinkers removed and then you will have the cutest unique pets around!

Sheila McGee Kinney...Yeah, so tiny and cute, but unless that gland is removed....yikes!!!

Rebecca Moss... I'll Shootem all for ya!

Elizabeth McKee Medwick... They are so CUTE!!!! I haven't had any of those show up...just the wild pigs that destroy the property!!! I don't know which is worse...they are cute, for now...stinky all too soon...so stinky or twisted ankle...stinky, twisted ankle...gee that really is a toss up!

Britni Lucas... Ohhhhhhh I want a pet skunk SOOOOOOOOO badly! I LOVE skunks. They are so damn adorable!

Jason Landry... You know I want one! I hear they make good pets if you de sent them when they're young.