Spoiler Alert! One of the main characters on the Walking Dead this weekend!

Thoughts on the newest season of The Walking Dead? Zombies, Wolves, Mayhem oh my! So, would you like to have some questions answered about the season? And NO, I will not share who gets eaten up on Sunday night! You just have to watch.

The following info was stolen from a Spoiling Dead site. Shhhhhh

Why is Rick running alone down a long stretch of road? He gets separated due to a zombie attack and is roughed up by a group of thugs that call themselves the "Wolves."

Now after last week's episode, I feel like Carol is being built up to inherit Holly's story from the comics. Next week appears to focus entirely on everyone outside of Alexandria. I'm sure a couple of them will die. I'm not sure if they will end up making it back to Alexandria by the end of the episode.

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