Next Friday the Arts Council of SWLA's annual Spring Art Walk is back, being held in Downtown Lake Charles from 5pm to 9pm, celebrating SWLA's vibrant community of visual arts, artists, and local programs.  The free event is for all ages, and focuses on artist exposure within the Charlestown Cultural District.  Visitors can enjoy the art promenade while patronizing the coffee shops, businesses, and restaurants Downtown Lake Charles is known for.

The Art Walk commences with an Art Battle, where local business owners, patrons, and art lovers take to the streets of Lake Charles and create a mural in one hour in front a live audience, to be judged by fellow art lovers by tip money placed in tip jars.  The winning mural will be displayed at the Central School Arts & Humanities Center.

Local venues will provide food, drink, and giveaways for those visiting the fest.  Don't let the weather deter you, support our local Arts & Humanities Council, along with the City of Lake Charles, and take a stroll down Ryan Street.  You may see something you like and hang it in your home or office, while supporting or local culture.